Director Profiles

Brent Topat

Date of Birth: 30 May 1970
Position: Executive Chairman

Roles & responsibility:
Brent is closely involved with all aspects of the Cash Crusaders business and focuses primarily on importing and sourcing stock. Much of his time is spent meeting with suppliers and negotiating prices. He travels abroad on buying trips bi-annually.

Work Experience:
After cutting his teeth in various managerial roles with Spur - including that of General Manager of the Santa Ana Spur at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, Brent developed an excellent understanding of the franchise and retail arenas. He then joined franchise development company, SureFire, as a project manager. Here he built on his already solid franchise experience and in 1996 he launched Cash Crusaders.

Gerd Topat

Date of Birth: 30 March 1942
Position: Director

Roles & Responsibility:
Gerd is closely involved with all aspects of the franchising business. From initiating and closing franchise agreements to site selection, lease negotiation, brand development and marketing, his experience and credibility are indispensable to the ongoing success of the franchise chain.

Work Experience:
Gerd gained his first taste for franchising with Wimpy South Africa. From there he joined Spur in 1973 as Operations Director and was promoted to Managing Director in 1986. His time at the helm of what is arguably one of Africa's most successful franchise operations has resulted in a wealth of invaluable experience in the franchise and retail arenas, both of which contribute to the excellent growth enjoyed by the Cash Crusaders model.

Sean Stegmann

Date of Birth: 03 April 1966
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Roles & Responsibility:
Sean is responsible for shaping the strategic direction of Cash Crusaders. His MBA coupled with 15-years of management experience places him in an excellent position to guide the business into its next phase.

Work Experience:
Sean's background is in Information Technology and online retailing. His previous work experience includes four years as Regional Manager of MTN as well as five years as the Managing Director and COO of iTouch. In this capacity he aided the transformation of InTouch, a homegrown South African start-up, into the flagship of a 22 country multinational company, iTouch PLC.