Our Vision and Values

"Striving every day to be a first choice retailer by empowering entrepreneurs to offer the best deal for our community."

This Vision is about supporting men and women to become economically empowered through running their own businesses while adding value to the lives of their customers. Ultimately this results in Cash Crusaders making a positive contribution to South Africa, the communities in which we live and work and, our staff.

In order to support the entire franchise group in living this vision we embrace four key values:

1. To honour the Cash Crusaders brand

From head office employees through to franchisees and their staff, all members of the Cash Crusaders team are required to act ethically and responsibly and in a way that compliments the reputation of the company. And, this is not only about being honest and fair, it means being proactive about keeping the entire customer experience exciting, innovative and competitive.

2. To be professional at all times

It is our mission to value excellence and exceed expectation. In all our dealings in-store, in our buy shops and with our customers, partners and suppliers we are committed to delivering 100% professional service under all circumstances. This means developing the ability to put others first combined with effective communication.

3. The right to be innovative and change the system to achieve growth

We foster a flexible and inclusive management style. Staff are actively encouraged to come forward with suggestions and ideas that will improve the way in which we do business - both internally and externally.

As a franchise chain we acknowledge that a positive change in one store will be of benefit to the entire group. With this in mind, once a decision has been taken we support it 100% and take pride in implementing it to the best of our ability.

4. Commitment to the growth and development of our staff

A business is only as good as the people who represent it - this means our staff. We strive to offer an environment that encourages personal growth and that offers individuals the opportunity to advance their careers in the retail arena.

We believe that through the recognition of achievement and nurturing skills, we will successfully create wealth across our organisation. This in turn will create further employment and assist us in extending relationships into our communities.