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Your first step to independence

Join our Cash Crusaders Franchise family in a few easy steps and earn your financial freedom.

Franchise ownership

What it takes to own a franchise

Do you have the following four skills to make a success of your new business?


We require a full time commitment of franchisees to manage their own businesses.

Business savvy

You need financial and business know-how to make a success of your store.


R1 million* in readily available cash, with enough financial back-up to run your business for the first six months.


Embrace our vision and values, take part in national promotions, deliver quality service and empower staff with on-going training.

Franchisee cost requirement

The amount of readily available cash needed is R1 million*

The remainder of the R1.4 million needed can be done via a bank loan or personal financing. The buy in amount covers initial stock purchases and running capital.

What your investment secures

Investment levels vary with various franchise store sizes and stock availability.

Store sizeEntry Level store size set up of R2.4 million including new goods stock and operational capital.

Ready to take the leap?

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