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HP NOTEBOOK 255 G6 (500GB)

Make: HP
Model: NOTEBOOK 255 G6 (500GB)

  • Specifications:
  • Screen size: 15.5"
  • CPU Type: Amd
  • Generation: E2-9000e
  • Ghz: 1.5ghz
  • RAM: 4gb
  • Storage size: 500gb
  • Harddrive Type: Hdd

Warranty Policy

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Cash Crusaders’ retail merchandise is intended and guaranteed for DIY, household and recreational use only. Refunds, exchanges or repairs of any item will only happen if:

- The customer was not aware of the defect at the time of purchase
- A suitably qualified service centre has confirmed that the malfunction is due to a pre-existing condition

Six-month warranty

All second-hand goods carry a six-month warranty. A valid proof of purchase is required for this warranty. For second-hand goods, this covers any defects and failings not caused by the customer’s use and not present when they bought the item (section 55(6) of the CPA). The warranty is rendered invalid, if:

  • There are any physical alterations
  • Any abuse, negligence or user error
  • Lightning, water or infestation damage occurs
  • Safe and proper use instructions were not followed
  • The power cord or factory-fitted plug is changed
  • Any additional applications, software or viruses are installed or transferred
  • Any speakers or amplifiers are paired with inappropriate counterparts
  • Any car audio or frontloader equipment is not installed by a qualified VAT-registered installation company
  • Any petrol motor for chainsaws, generators, lawnmowers, quad bikes, etc. is not started up in store
This warranty excludes:

- Sports goods
- Any problems with original pre-installed software, CDs, DVDs, PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, DS Lite and Nintendo Wii games, PC games and videotapes after 48 hours of purchase
- PC games on Internet-networked computers
- Petrol motors for chainsaws, generators, lawnmowers, quad bikes, etc. after 48 hours of purchase
- Gas appliances

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